We are following Government guidelines with ref to Covid19, all cars disinfected before & after we work on them, strict social distancing.
Fully COVID-19 compliant all cars disinfected before and after work undertaken!
We are following Government guidelines with ref to Covid19, all cars disinfected before & after we work on them, strict social distancing.

Case Study: Terraclean/BG Products

Grant Stone – Dodge Nitro, the vehicle was suffering from flat spots, sluggish acceleration & poor fuel consumption, occasionally going into Limp mode.

We firstly carried out a diagnostic check using our Snap on Verius Pro diagnostic tool, we also took pressure readings from before & after the DPF, there were various faults in the engine ECU, these were cleared out & re-checked to see if any were permanent faults or not. There were no permanent faults & the DPF back pressure was ok.

From here we carried out an Induction clean using our BG products pressurized Induction tool, this works by injecting a cleaning agent straight into the Throttle Body which is attached to the Inlet manifold, this is done with the engine at normal operating temp. & at approx. 1500-2000rpm, this process will remove Carbon/Sludge deposits from the Throttle Body, Inlet Manifold, EGR Valve & will mix with the Fuel & Air as part of the normal combustion process, this in turn will clean out the Combustion Chamber, Valves, Catalytic Converter & also the DPF. This process contaminates the engine oil so the engine now requires an oil change.

The next part of the process was to add a BG Engine Oil Flush & Connect up the Terraclean machine, this is connected directly into the fuel line on the car & the cars fuel lines are looped so the car runs for about an hour on Terraclean Diesel Fluid, this cleans the High pressure common rail, pump & injectors, it also removes varnish from the bores & combustion chambers & the most important thing CARBON.

Once the engine has gone through this cycle we put it all back to normal & change the oil & filter, we only use the best quality oil & OE filters.

We also add a BG Fuel System cleaner to the Fuel tank, this needs a minimum of ¾ tank of fuel to work at its best, this backs up everything we have already done so far.

We carry out a thorough road test & clear any faults that have been caused in this process & handed the car back.

We always ask for feedback on this service, the feedback we received from Grant was :-

the results are amazing, the car drives like new, the sluggishness & the flat spots have completely disappeared & my MPG has been improved in a massive way, my engine oil has stayed cleaner for longer as well & although it only used a small amount of oil before, it doesn’t seem to use any at all now !

So from our point of view, the service has done exactly what we say it does, it has cleaned away the carbon deposits that are mainly caused by using cheap fuel.

In summary, the most common thing we hear from our customers is that `my car keeps going into limp mode` this is mainly caused by Carbon deposits in & around the engine.

Regular servicing & good quality fuel & oil with help to prevent this from happening.

If you would like to take advantage of better MPG, better performance & better response from your car, then take advantage of our special offer. For a combined cost of £295.00 for everything listed above, you can then have a free Full service, all you have to do is pay for the parts (Oil, Fuel & Air Filters & pollen Filter & Oil), this is a normal saving of around £125.00 off the cost of a full service. Contact us now to get booked in.

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