GPS Tracking Systems

If you’ve got something that would interest a thief:

Performance Car – Caravan – Motorhome – Motorbike – Jetski – Boat – Tractor – Plant/Machinery

Then rest assured as AMJ mobile auto electrics are Thatcham approved installers by Meta systems, Scorpion, Smartrack & Vodafone/CobraTrack so your prized possession will be well looked after.

How does it work?

Stolen vehicle tracking uses mainly GPS-GSM technology, a small electronic box is fitted covertly inside your vehicle….

If you are unfortunate to have your prized possession stolen, then whichever company you have chosen will start to track your vehicle, they all have call centres manned 24/7 365, the police are also equipped with tracking devices in their traffic cars to look for your vehicle, they would both work together to get your vehicle back.

The categories that are recognised by insurance companies have changed recently, they were Cat 5 & Cat 6, these have been replaced by `S5 & S7` they are still the same products but with a few minor changes.

The `S7` is the very least that an insurance company would ask for, it is therefore the cheapest, fitted from £249.00.

The `S5` is the all singing all dancing Tracker, it comes with immobilisation, this can be remote, via the tracking company or via driver ID tags. So for example if you were using a Metatrack system, if the driver tags are not in the vehicle it WILL NOT start, so this means that even if a wood be thief has managed to clone your keys while you are sleeping, they still wont be able to take the car as they wont have the tags, the tags turn off the added immobilisation. This is by far the best way of keeping your prized possession where you left it.

Gavin is trained & qualified by all the tracking companies & is also `Thatcham Accredited`, so you can rest assured if you choose him to install your Tracker it will be to the highest possible standard.

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