Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors for Cars, Vans and lorries

By fitting parking sensors, you’ll be able to park confidently, every time, and protect against costly dings and dents.

Reverse Parking Sensors use ultrasonic technology, which emits a cone of sound behind your car that bounces off obstacles and returns to the sensor. There are a number of mounting options, from flush-fitting sensors with audible alert to advanced systems with reversing cameras and audio feedback. We can also retrofit car  sensors to the front of your vehicle – very useful if your vehicle bonnet is ‘invisible’.

Let’s face it, some people are great at parking, others, not so good!

AMJ Mobile Auto Electrics will ensure a ‘factory-fitted finish’, colour-coded to match any vehicle, with a standard 12 months guarantee against manufacturing defects plus three year guarantee on electrics.

Fitting parking sensors makes sense for any vehicle – perhaps that’s why they now come as standard on many new cars…

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