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Window Tinting – Commercial Building, Office

Home, Commercial, Office and Education Window Tinting

The application of window tinting to your home, a commercial building or office offers many advantages. Here are just a few reasons to install window tints:

  • Improved privacy
  • Worried about burglars?
  • Does your conservatory get too hot?
  • Are you looking for ways to reduce your heating bill?
  • Does your company building need an exterior or interior facelift?
  • Is your skin sensitive to ultra-violet light?
  • Is the light coming into your shop window ruining valuable stock?

These and many more glass-related problems can be swiftly solved with advanced window tint films for office and home! And you won’t believe how affordable our window tinting solutions are too, from £25 squared metre including installation… Call AMJ Mobile Auto Electrics today for your FREE survey on 07979 230304.

Safety Window Film

You’ve probably seen the ‘funny’ clips on TV – someone walks into a glass door and bounces off – In real life, unfortunately for some, the glass shatters and causes horrific injury, even fatality. Don’t risk it, Glass-Gard Safety Window Film holds shattered glass firmly, preventing injury from broken or flying glass and protecting property from further damage. It could save yours or a loved one’s life.

Window Security Film

Protect the weakest part of your property against vandalism, break-ins, storm damage and even terrorism, with super tough optically clear window security film. Following an impact, the glass is held firmly in place – the invisible barrier no burglar expects to come up against!

Privacy Window Film

Privacy window film is perfect if you want to prevent nosy neighbours peering into your windows, or set up a surveillance area to keep an eye on the shop floor:

Type 1: Allows vision from one side only, i.e. view a well lit area from a darkened surveillance area.
Type 2: Obscures vision in both directions while still allowing light to pass through.
Type 3: Restricts light and vision completely from both sides

Fade Protective Films

Fade protective films filter out practically all of the sun’s harmful UV light whilst still allowing light to pass through. The ideal choice for protecting valuable stock in shop window displays, works of art, even home furnishings. Available in a range of tints and colours, or virtually clear.

Solar Window Film

Many people work close to a window and at certain times of the day – all year round – full sunlight streaming in can cause great discomfort. Productivity can certainly be affected when the heat build-up results in drowsiness or irritability, and headaches and eye strain from the glare on their screens.

You can cut up to 80% of the heat and filter out up to 85% of the glare by installing Solar Window Film, as well as reducing energy wasted on air-conditioning. Think how popular you’ll be with your staff too!

Insulating Film

Reduce your heating bill… Would you like your single-glazed windows to perform like double-glazed windows? Insulating film helps to reduce lost heat by as much as 35%, effectively reflecting heat back into the room. Bear in mind that even double-glazed windows lose heat, insulating film is an excellent addition if you are keen to reduce your carbon footprint.

Visual Enhancement Films

Turn an ordinary looking building into visually appealing architecture. Giving your building a new look with reflective or tinted film both inside and out can increase its value and improve comfort within. Go one step further and have your company logo or message applied as an etched effect or full colour.


Is your glazing impact-safe and suitably marked to avoid potential collisions? Glass-Gard is much quicker and far less disruptive than reglazing, and at less than a quarter of the cost, makes financial sense. It will also reduce glare, fading, heat build-up and is extremely durable.

Free Survey

You may be considering more expensive options to your current glass problems than window tinting or film, but let’s face it, you’ve nothing to lose by asking us to advise on the best solution to your glass problem – no obligation, just expert advice and a price that could save you a sizeable amount (perhaps 3-4 times the cost compared to re-glazing).


We freely admit that we are perfectionists – only 100% satisfaction will do. All window films are installed by industry professionals trained to produce excellent results to the highest possible standards… You’ll hardly notice us while we’re with you, but you will certainly notice the finished result.


All products are subjected to continuous testing and meet all relevant British Standards. Internally applied window films are backed by a minimum ten year guarantee, externally applied window film – 4-5 years.

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