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Cars have become highly complex beasts. Imagine; you can buy a (super) car that costs as much as a house! We love all-things-cars, you’ll notice this when you visit – an enthusiasm to do a great job and ensure your complete satisfaction.
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Supply and fit many car accessories including phone kits, sat nav, parking sensors and car security and tracking systems

Llumar Window tinting

Some of our recent windowtints using only the best film Llumar Window tinting ! fitted by West Berkshires only approved llumar fitting centre, their film is the only film approved by the British skin foundation. To protect your loved ones & belongings & for any enquiries please like & share for a 10% discount off any window tinting or paint protection film installation.


  • Helps protect your skin: LLumar Film has been fully tested and recognised by the British Skin Foundation as contributing to sun protection.
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones: LLumar Film can help to protect the skin and vulnerable facial areas of people and pets whilst travelling.
  • Upholstery & Interior Trim: Inside surfaces become less susceptible to fading and ageing.


  • Keeps your ride cool – whilst looking stylish, LLumar window film can also reduce cabin temperature – making you feel more comfortable while driving.
  • Can reduce glare, making monitors easier to read.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 7 year warranty.

So if you suffer and have to live away from sunlight, indoors or in the dark or know someone that suffers – please contact us for more details.

LLumar window film

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