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After Buffing

Headlamp Buffing

Headlamp Buffing or sometimes called De-Fogging, is essential not only for passing a MOT Test but also in helping you to see clearly at night. Headlamps fog up for several reasons: one being the debris on the road hitting them, this is more apparent if you do long miles on the motorway. Another reason is UV light damage which causes the headlamp to crack.

Another thing to look out for on headlamps is condensation which can just as easily diffuse the light coming from the lamps.

When your headlamps get foggy, it diffuses the light giving you less visibility and putting you in danger of not seeing obstacles on the road, especially when driving in those foggy Autumn conditions.

If you look at the before image above you can see the fogging mainly at the top of the headlamp, this is most likely caused by ultraviolet light from the sun spoiling the plastic but as you can see it is starting to move down the headlamp into the most important area where light travels through the headlamp to light up your path on the road.

Remember if you are seeing condensation within your headlamps then this can also cause the same diffusing effect and be just as detrimental to the visible area infront of your car at night.

If you headlamps need buffing then please either give us a call on01635 868670 or use the form on our contact page and we can advise on the best course of action.

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