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Cars have become highly complex beasts. Imagine; you can buy a (super) car that costs as much as a house! We love all-things-cars, you’ll notice this when you visit – an enthusiasm to do a great job and ensure your complete satisfaction.
Hands-free fitting
Supply and fit many car accessories including phone kits, sat nav, parking sensors and car security and tracking systems

Emergency vehicles

AMJ Auto Services Ltd are able to supply and fit your emergency vehicles with the latest vehicle warning equipment – Sirens and Flashing Lights.

We can supply, fit and install most vehicle warning equipment. Including: Lightbars, Dash Lights, Siren Systems, Strobe Lights and Work Lights.

Here is just a short list of what AMJ can supply and fit for you: Dash strobes, blue amber & green lightbar, strobe inserts, headlight flashers, LED dash light, Grille lights, vehicle warning lights, strobe power supplies, halogen rotators, strobe beacons, rotating beacons, magnetic strobe lights, yelp, wail, phaser & air horn sirens, lightbars with built in siren, vision alert strobe and halogen lightbars, LED lightbars, nova strobe equipment, sound off vehicle warning equipment.

Emergency Vehicle Fitting Thatcham

We supply our product range to: 1st Responders, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Coastguard, Doctors, Lifeboat crew, Recovery Companies etc., in fact all types of emergency vehicles that require emergency vehicle warning products.

Whether your car is a Marked car or your own car and requires converting, we can take car of all your needs.

So no need to look any further contact AMJ Auto Services on 01635 868670 now.