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Cars have become highly complex beasts. Imagine; you can buy a (super) car that costs as much as a house! We love all-things-cars, you’ll notice this when you visit – an enthusiasm to do a great job and ensure your complete satisfaction.
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Supply and fit many car accessories including phone kits, sat nav, parking sensors and car security and tracking systems

Car Security

PEACE OF MIND – AMJ Auto Services Thatcham only install approved car security systems and alarms including, those from Toad, Cobra, Scorpion and Sigma…

If you have a good quality alarm system, the only way your car can be stolen is if the thief steals your keys.

A thief will look for the tell-tale flashing LED that identifies in-car security – it’s enough to make him walk away. And if he is fool enough to try, he’ll set the alarm siren off.

Keep your pride and joy safe!

Confidence and convenience

With an alarm system fitted, you will be able to walk away from your car knowing it will be there when you return. Your security key fob will arm and disarm the system, lock and unlock your doors, and even open the boot (and if you’ve left a door ajar, the system alerts you with an audible warning – clever!).

Nowadays, in-car security is a must. Without a car alarm, you are literally a sitting duck, waiting for the deed to occur. We have an excellent range of products, and prices to suit all budgets, so there’s no excuse – pick up the phone and talk to AMJ today. Peace of mind is a splendid thing!

At AMJ Auto Services we’re conveniently located for fitting approved car alarms for clients in South Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and North Hampshire.

Contact us today for a FREE quote on a Car Security System Installation.

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